Basic Info Edit

Eladrin rogue male


Masaker is a 123 year old Eladrin Rogue. Though he is Eladrin he is more of a loner type, his group of friends is few and far between; the the few he does trust he would fight for to the death. Living as long as he did he has seen much but he is very secretive about his history. He is one of the original founders of National Treasure Inc.

History Edit

Being as secretive as he is, he has reviled very little of his history. It is known that he and Rahxephon, a fellow Eladrin, created National Treausure Inc. about one year prior to the start of the story. They created this group mainly for fame and money but in recent times it seems that the group has been called to a higher purpose.

Current Life Edit

In the last few months he went out and reached the town of Winterhaven. There he and Rahxephon expanded their group adding two mages, Ilandere and Calisto Ironstar. The five members of National Treasure Inc. went out and ended up clearing out the old Shadowfell Keep, leading to the death of a Scion of Orcus; Kalrel. After this he and the other members of National Treasue were consitered to be heroes of winter haven. They then proceded out to a magic school to help Ilandere; as she had great new powers after the incounter with Kalrel. During the trip there he put himself out on the line multiple times in order to save his party members, showing that he does care about his compainions.

Companions and Allies Edit

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