Basic Info Edit

Sorceress by Saehral

Ilandere Unleashing Her Magic

Ilandere is a 19 year old half-elf who is very smart and well ventured for her young age. She began traveling a few years ago in an attempt to gain knowlege about the arcane arts and has since beome a weilder of powerful magic. She continues to strive for knowledge to this day and learn to master her knewfound powers.

History Edit

She joined up with National Treasure Inc. during a trip to Winterhaven with Calisto Ironstar, where the two were recruited to join as NTI had no arcane adepts as of that time. She was a major help to the party throught their time in Winterhaven and the Shadowfell Keep. During the final battle withshe was caught in a blast of magical energy witch warped her magic, giving her much stronger but wilder magic as well as awaken her sleeping powers of prophesy.

Current Life Edit

She is currently traveling with the founding members of NTI, to a magic school in the hopes that they will be able to find someone to help her control her powers and explain her dreams.

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